Dear Zachary – The documentary review

Wow. All I can say is wow. I have not seen a documentary that got me so upset as this one. My friend Ray highly recommended me this doco cos he said it actually made him sad and anything that makes the big Bear sad is good enough for me. I just finished watching it a few mins ago and Im still shook up by it.

The documentary is made by Kurt Kuenne who is an amateur film maker who decided to make this documentary as a homage to his late best friend Dr Andrew Bagby who was murdered by his crazy ex-girlfriend. His crazy ex-girlfriend was 12years his senior and she already had 3 kids of her own and she wasnt a MILF at all and everyone told him that he could do better. The fact that he was an intern at a remote clinic was the main reason why he stayed with the obsessed hoe because he was lonely. Anyway when he finally realised that she was a crazy bitch he broke it off with her. As we all know with crazy bitches, they dont take it lying down. In fact she did more than lay down, she drove 16,000 miles to meet up with him in a park and fragged him (Sorry still got that last review in my head). The bullets used in the shooting was identical to the gun she owned, they had phone records that placed her at the scene of the crime and she was the last person to be seen with him yet they still let her go on bail and she fled the country to Canada. To further rub salt in the vagina, the crazy ex-girlfriend was 4 months pregnant with the man she had just murdered. WHAT THE FUCK?!! I know it sounds like another episode of Desperate Housewives but what made it unbelievable is its a true story.

The baby was born and his name was Zachary. The purpose of the documentary was to find out everything there was to know about Andrew so Zachary would know what kind of person his father was. As the grandparents of Zachary and the parents of his murdered best friend Andrew, they moved to Canada to fight for visitation rights to see their grandson and at the same time fight for extradition of the crazy ex girlfriend to face trial back in the US. The documentary details the frustration they faced as they had to negotiate and compromise with the mother of their grandson and the person who killed their son. Not to mention the frustration that they had to deal with the legal system. This bitch obviously had psychological problems that even Dr Phil couldve diagnosed but she was released on bail over and over again and left with custody of baby Zach. She was unfit as a mother and you could tell she was just using the baby as a bargaining chip and to make the grandparents suffer more than they already have.

There’s a major twist at the end of the documentary that I wont ruin for you but its definitely worth seeing. It makes you angry but at the end of the documentary it does make you feel inspired at the strength of human courage and I do believe there is a lesson to be learnt from this documentary other than dont date crazy old bitches. The only thing I didnt like was the style of directing because at times it felt like everything was thrown in so fast that you didnt know who was who. Also the film maker’s narration didnt seem to suit the documentary. He spoke too fast and sounded alot like Brian from Family Guy. Other than that its definitely worth seeing. I give it 4.5/5.

Count it!

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3 Responses to Dear Zachary – The documentary review

  1. Mr_LeE says:

    Interesting review ace. Definitely will check this doco out. In a totally unrelated note, you should watch exit through the gift shop. It’s real ghetto like you.

  2. aceability says:

    I just saw the trailer for it. It looks like Jackass and that. Not my cup of milk tea

  3. shigga says:

    what’s up man just droppin by

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