Frag – The documentary review

Ask any kid today what they want to be when they grow up and they’ll tell you either 2 things (well 3 if he’s a fairy) – a pornstar or a pro-gamer. This documentary is about the latter, or is it the former? I always get confused with that. I once tried to be too clever in 3U English (which I think you’re meant to) and I said latter when I meant the first one and it fucked up my whole essay cos the teacher thought I was talking about something entirely different. Anyway this documentary is about pro-gamers.

When I was around 15 I got into Duke Nukem 3D which was the natural progression from Doom and Wolfenstien. I first started playing it with just the arrow keys on the keyboard and the mouse as did most people. I never bothered with strafing, crouching or any of those other things. It was only until I jumped on the net with my dialup modem and read up on it that I realised other players had different styles of playing which in its time was radical.  They were using the W, A, S, D to move and the mouse to look up and down. I didnt even know you could play multiplayer! It was all very exciting to me and when I had my first taste of multiplayer action I was hooked like a Korean to kim chee.

I would say I spent easily over $100 a month on local calls, dialing other players around Australia and challenging them to an online match. I must say I was pretty damn good. My handle was “Fever” cos my skillz were sick *does pose* I even had tactics I came up with like making a hotkey script which said “Fever has been killed” and whenever a player would shoot a rocket into a room that I was in I would press it and he’d think I was dead. When really, I was waiting around the corner to frag his ass! I was pretty good and I would spend maybe 3hrs a day on it. Dad always told me off for it and school got in the way and I always wished that I would get paid to just stay at home and play.

If I could send shit from the future back to the past I would send this doco back to myself and make myself watch it cos it would’ve changed my mind. (Side note: The doco would of course be sent along with other things like my mixcds with a post it note saying “You’re a sikkent – Future Ace.”) Its a good insight to the life of a pro-gamer and dismisses the notion that its all fun and games. Some of these kids see people like Fatal1ty who is the most successful pro-gamer in the world and want to be like him. Traveling the world, entering tournaments, making over $500K in prize money and sponsorships but the harsh reality is hes one of a very very small few. The majority of pro-gamers have to be in the top 1% of the ladder to make any money from it and even less than that make a sustainable living. So basically you always have to be on top of your game. No pun intended. RIP Big Pun.

It’s a pretty good documentary and it did open my eyes to alot of things I didnt know about competitive gaming, especially the exploitation of gamers. I mean these are kids who enjoy playing games and are offered to be paid to do what they love and they have to make mature decisions about contracts that they dont know anything about. And more often than not theyre left with the shit end of the joystick. Even though you may be owning motherfuckers on a computer screen, in reality companies are owning yo ass. Some of these gamers are left homeless with no income and no family support. Its actually quite sad but it did make me want to install Counter Strike again.

I’m glad that I saw the documentary and I would recommend it to anyone who reckons they can beat a Korean in Starcraft 2. I havent decided on a rating system just yet but for now I give it a 4 out of 5 for the documentary.

Count it!

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3 Responses to Frag – The documentary review

  1. Marte says:

    Word! nice blog baby boy

  2. Phili says:

    Great article Tommy. Welcome back. I found the extended trailer to Frag here –

  3. naty says:

    I’m so not into gaming, but I read that whole article cos its your first comeback post. Thats true love right thurr. So proud of you.

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