The final dimension revealed!

After months of waiting the final dimension of the latest Spider-Man game has been revealed. It is the Black Spider-Man (I think the correct term is African American) and he joins the other 3 dimensions – Amazing, Noir and 2099. I had a feeling it was going to be this Spidey because honestly there wasnt many other Spideys from other dimensions. Technically however the Black Spidey from the Ultimate comics isnt from another era, its in the same timeline as Amazing but this nerd fact can easily be forgiven because Carnage is going to be in it. And seeing Carnage in the trailer made me squirt more than a Japanese girl on a school bus surrounded by Japanese business men. Im still trying to work out if that’s Deadpool at 0:58 of the trailer cos it sure looks like Deadpool but theres something different about him. I wouldnt be surprised if it was him cos Deadpool is becoming very popular now. He’s got more comic titles than Spider-Man now and he’s appearing in the new Marvel v Capcom 3 and Marvel Alliance game. Even I’ve jumped on his dick and own 3 Deadpool shirts.

Im glad they decided to go with Carnage aka Cletus Kassidy cos he’s very underused in cartoon and games. They always tend to go more for his famous “father” Venom who is cool too but he’s been thrashed more than Annabel Chong. And he reminds me too much of Brock Lesnar. Sometimes you just want some unpredictability, some mindless carnage some crazy motherfucker just going around killing innocent New Yorkers and you want to feel as though only YOU can put an end to it. If you ever read Maximum Carnage you’ll know what I’m talking about. So Im keen to hand Carnage his red ass in this game.

In the past few years Spidey games have been disappointing. You only need to look at the last few titles to know what Im talking about – “Web of Shadows” “Friend or Foe” “The Movie games.” You can be sure to see these titles in the bargain bin a few months after release. They were just too focused on the graphics that the gameplay, the originality and even the voice casting suffered. And one thing that irks me is seeing Spider-Man swing across the city when theres no fuckin buildings in sight. Its like hes flying. Thats why the last Spider-Man game I would consider to be the best would be the 2 on Play Station. You had to have buildings around in order to swing and the dialogue was funny and it truly captured the essence of Spidey. One little gay fact about myself – during the HSC when I was stressed about study I would clear my mind by just swinging around the city in the game because it was free-roaming and cos Im asian and being let out the front door to collect the mail was a priviledge. Come to think of it even Spider-Man and Venom – Maximum Carnage on SNES was awesome.

Shattered Dimensions looks promising though. I think after Arkham Asylum came out, Marvel realised they needed to step up their game. Spider-Man isnt really a dark brooding character like Batman, but by bringing in Noir and Ultimate blackie you do get that contrast against the Amazing and 2099 so it should all be very interesting.

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2 Responses to The final dimension revealed!

  1. Tammy says:

    haha… i remember the ‘privileges’ of collecting the mail.
    i think u had a mistake on that 2nd last paragraph though. the top.
    okay, i actually commented just to tell you that, since I was reading so in depth about spider-man games you were mentioning

  2. aceability says:

    Haha thanks for pointing that out. There was an image that was there with the caption “Still the best game to date” and the image dissapeared so the text seemed to have joined together. Thanks for that!

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