My thoughts on Inception

OK I’ve hit 48hrs with maybe 90mins of sleep so Im pretty fucked up at the moment but my mind is still racing. Maybe cos I was exhausted after dinner and so to make it through the 7:30PM session of Inception, I downed another can of Mother. I swear someone’s gonna find me in my room one day all Heath Ledgered out with Mother cans all around me. Anyway I wanted to briefly write about Inception while Im feeling like I need a totem to distinguish whether I’m dreaming or if its reality.

First off Im not gonna talk too much about the movie cos theres plenty of reviews on the net about it and nerds explaining it on youtube etc. Also because Im going to get special guest reviewer and fellow Dirty Dex member DJ Sensation to do a more indepth review about it since he studies Film so I’ll leave that to him. All I will say about the movie is that its fuckin awesome and you need to pay attention to understand the movie and the different levels. Or do what I did and just go without sleep for a day or so and watch it and it’ll make perfect sense. What I will talk about is some other aspects of the movie and what I found interesting.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Riddler. Fuck yeah!

As soon as the movie started and Leonardo DiCaprio was talking to the Last Samurai guy about training his mind to defend attackers and to set up precautions, the first thing that popped into my head was Grant Morrisson’s Batman. In particular the Batman R.I.P. issues #676-681. To all those who arent comic book geeks, this was a story arc where a group that called themselves the Black Glove tried to invade Bruce Wayne’s mind and pretty much break him. But if you know anything about Batman than you know he’s prepared for anything. I reckon he’s even got a coupla RU486 pills in his utility belt for safe measure. Anyway Batman trained his mind to take on an alter ego or a backup alias in case his Batman persona got jeopardised. Im not saying that Nolan used this idea to make Inception but I really do think that since Nolan is so closely tied in with Batman he would have incorporated some of this into the story.

Also the concept of reality and dreams is used alot in Batman stories especially when it concerns the Scarecrow. There was this one particular comic where Bruce’s parents are alive and he’s living his ideal life and everything is going right for him. He’s just an ordinary rich guy with no problems but he constantly has a niggling feeling that something is wrong. What he found weird was whenever he opened up a book all the words would be scribbles and apparently that only happens in dreams, and obviously that was enough to tip off the greatest detective in the world. He knew that the only way he could wake up from the dream was to simulate a “kick” and so he jumped off a building and woke up to reality to drop Scarecrow on his ass. I reckon Nolan “could’ve” used that idea as well.

I found the idea of music playing just before a kick was going to happen quite clever because we’ve all experienced it. When you hear a police siren while you’re sleeping and it suddenly appears in your dreams or when you hear the toilet flush and you pee your bed. Not that its happened to me……and even if it did fuck you. Its when you hear something in the real world in your dreams and it alerts you to the fact that you’re consciously dreaming. Its called Lucid Dreaming and in fact scientists have been studying this for a while. When we dream our eyelids move at a certain REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and scientists have developed glasses you can wear that blinks a blue light when your REM reaches dream state. So in your dream when you see the blue light you know its a dream and you can manipulate your dream to do whatever you want. Which in everyone’s case is to be me.

On a final note before I pass out, if the rumours are true and Chris Nolan does cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Riddler than he’s a freakin genius. Cos I can so picture him playing the part. I cant picture Eddie Murphy who’s also in the running for the role cos not only is the Riddler not black (didnt stop Marvel from casting Kingpin) but Eddie’s laugh would remind me too much of Donkey from Shrek. I reckon Eddie Murphy would undo all of Nolan’s great work and turn Batman into a comedy like what Clooney did. Also Ive been a big fan of Joseph since 3rd Rock from the Sun and not only cos he had nice silky long hair either, but after watching 500 Days of Summer. you know the kid can act.

Anyway thats my 2c and also if you want to save money at the cinemas, book your tickets online and just buy student tix. No one checks. Til next time, count it!

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3 Responses to My thoughts on Inception

  1. Maly says:

    U so did wet yr bed when u heard a toilet flush! I have the opposite affect. I always dream that I’m gpig to the toilet or am looking for one in my dreams. Then I always wake up needing to go toilet! How bizarre that my mind wakes me up. Seriously I’m surprised I haven’t wet the bed cos in some dreams I find a toilet!!! But I guess my mind is well trained!

  2. Phili says:

    You know the theory that if you put someones hand in warm water as they sleep, they’ll piss themselves? The Level 1 kick shoulda made DiCaprio piss himself in Level 2 and Limbo.

  3. Anita-eat says:

    i heard that if u dream of pissing in the toilet, u can piss yourself awake.
    yeh, i heard that….

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