Inception review by Jon Bling

“My first special guest reviewer is no other than fellow Dirty Dex member and up and coming movie director – Jon Bling. This review based on his background in Film studies so its a bit more educated than my review. A bit of trivia – he filmed my proposal video and since my girlfriend said yes, you can imagine how goddamn good he is. More special guest posters to come. Enjoy.”
– Ace

That was my first and only thought after viewing this highly anticipated film of 2010.

Im pretty sure 99% of everyone reading this have either seen this film or bought an illegal copy of it overseas. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to explain the story again but give you a more or less description of the ideas behind this incredible movie. A movie that will leave you breathless, intrigued and purely mind-fucked!

The director, Christopher Nolan, has an obsession with characters who’s internal purpose in life can ultimately destroy their external exisitence. You can see this in his last couple of films with “The Prestige”, “Batman Begins” and “Memento”. And this is best way to describe Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Dom Cobb, who’s only real goal in this film is to see his kids again. Something that any single-divorced father can relate to after losing custody of his children. And in this case, he’s stealing shit in your sub-conscious.

Most would describe the film as silly but that’s the reason why we go to the movies. To see reality rip itself apart and given to us in a whole new light. What makes this film work is that it belongs in a new genre of films of late called “Magic Realism”. This is considered when the reality inside the film is altered with a single idea that can twist the film around and show you a whole new world of life. Films such as “Field Of Dreams” and “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” belong in this category. It could happen in real life but it can’t right? Who knows.

I really liked “Inception” and not because I’m a huge fan of Christoper Nolan, although he is working on “Batman 3” and “The Man Of Steel” simultaneously so I’m not the only one who is in love with him. But because every film he makes has the same style, technique and quality to it. And that is pretty damn good! Most directors out there switch their style or themes to avoid being typecast but Nolan utilizes what he knows best and does it over and over. Everything from casting to cinematography to editing is all relatable to his other works. The best example of this is the multi-narrative editing device whereby showing three different scenes that are happening at the same time will give the audience a great sense of uneasiness and therefore a edge-of-your-seat feeling. Compare the climax of “Inception” to the boat scene in “The Dark Knight” and tell me what you think. Another fantastic element of “Inception” is the musical score. Didn’t it just make the film more thrilling? We all remember the joker’s theme in “The Dark Knight” and how that made us cringe in the cinema. This was no exception

For an official rating, I give it 9 out 10.


– Cobb only wears his wedding ring when his wife is alive in his dreams
– Cobb’s wife’s name is “Mal”… which is translated as wrong/bad/evil or pain in French, Spanish and Portuguese
– James Franco (Green Goblin Jnr.) was suppose to play Arthur
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7 Responses to Inception review by Jon Bling

  1. Jon Bling says:


    It wasn’t a dream… it was real!!!

    Whenever Cobb sees his wife (in his dreams) he is always wearing his wedding ring. When he saw his children’s faces for the first time, he wasn’t wearing it. Therefore, with his wife, he is truly happy with her in his dreams. The ‘no-wedding’ ring suggests that he has come to accept reality and move on with his life. Exactly as he says it in the 4th level “…he has to let go…”

    Plus, he is the BEST extractor in the world. Every corporation/country/special forces is after him. The amount of levels that would need to be created in order for him to NOT know it was a dream, Arthur and the team would need only one person to achieve that. And that’s Cobb himself!!!

  2. dez says:

    awesome review!

    Something else to think about, Cobb’s totum didn’t belong to him. It was his wife’s which may incite the control she had over him. I believe his childrens faces were his true totum hence it wasn’t a dream!

  3. Jon Bling says:

    FUCK!!!… You’re absolutely right Dez!!! Nice one!!!

    Everytime we didn’t the kids, it was a dream. So therefore the moment we there faces, he is truly seeing reality… Even at the beginning when he explains to Ellen Page about the history of his kids, we still don’t see it.

    The moral of Inception… women… can’t live with them, can’t even see your kids without her trying to fuck up your worklife by killing worldwide espionage people.

  4. Phili says:

    Please explain your rating system Senny. Why is it a 9? Why isn’t it a 10? Why not an 8? What is a 10 movie?

  5. Jon Bling says:

    a 10 movie for me would be that EVERYTHING is perfect… im talking story, music, camerawork, acting, direction etc. The remaining factor for me is also if I connected with the film personally. “Inception” although a fantastic film did not personally touch me emotionally because I’m not a father who has children that I can’t see. So that’s why I gave it 9. It was almost perfect for someone like me.

    I’ve only ever given 2 films a 10… which was SIDEWAYS (2004) and 500 DAYS OF SUMMER (2009)… These two films not only had everything perfect but touched me deeply and I’ll always remember the emotions the first time I watched it.

  6. Good review Jon. I’m a big fan of Nolan’s work too, especially “Momento”

  7. ctngo says:

    Though the movie blew my mind, I didn’t really understand it til now 🙂 Thanks Bling face x

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