ACE’s top 20 MUST SEE Documentaries

So when my workmate asked me to recommend him some documentaries to watch I barred up cos I get the biggest hard on for documentaries. I used to watch shitloads of them but stopped when I decided I didnt want to die a virgin. Now that Im married with a baby ACE on the way Ive recently gotten back into them and Im rediscovering my love for knowledge through sitting on my ass and turning on the TV. So I told him I’ll give him my top 10 list. After looking through the list and realising how many docos Ive actually seen and how many awesome ones Ive seen, I HAD to make a top 20. So here they are. As you can see they range from all kinds of subject matters cos I dont discriminate like my n!%&a Big PUN (RIP homie). Even if you dont watch them all, at LEAST watch the first 5. This is in order of my favourite documentaries

1. King of Kong – About 2 dudes fighting to get the top score in Donkey Kong

2. Dear Zachary – About a dude making a doco about his dead best friend addressed to his dead best friend’s son. (SPOILER: You will cry like a bitch)

3. Spellbound – About nerdy kids competing in the National Spelling Bee

4. Waiting for Superman – About the US education system. (SPOILER: Its fucked up)

5. Air Guitar Nation – About lost kients competing in Air Guitar competitions

6. Sicko – About how fucked up the US Health System is

7. Street Fight – Follows the story of a young dude running to become Mayor and how corrupt it is

8. Love me, Love my Doll – About dudes who cant get laid so they get with dolls

9. Tyson – About Mike Tyson. You’ll have respect for im after seeing his doco. Then lose it again after watching The Hangover

10. Bigger Stronger Faster – About the use of steroids in competitive bodybuilding and how common it is. (Fun Fact – I dont use steroids)

11. Food, INC – It’ll open up your eyes about the food industry and about whats in the food you eat.

12. Good Hair – Chris Rock’s doco on the Hair Industry in the States and the pressures African American women face

13. Turin Shroud – The new evidence – About the Shroud of Turin i.e the piece of cloth that was supposedly used to wrap Jesus in after he died and the imprint of his face on it. This doco reveals new evidence about it and whether its genuine or not

14. King of Pastry – Every year theres a competition to find out who is the King of Pastry and it is hardcore. Make sure you have something in your mouth while watching this cos it will make you hungry. Preferably not cock

15. Bowling for Columbine – An oldie but a goodie. Michael Moore’s doco on gun control in the states. It will really blow you away. Pun obviously intended

16. The September Issue – About what goes into the biggest issue of Vogue released every year.

17. Somm – About Sommeliers who are wine connoisseurs and the very very difficult test they gotta do to become a Master Sommelier. In the 40 years the title has existed only 110 have passed.

18. Exit through the Gift Shop – Doco on street art and street artist Banksy

19. I Am Bruce Lee – Doco on Bruce Lee and interviews with shitloads of Celebs

20. 911 Loose Change – About 911 and the conspiracies surrounding it

Honourable Shoutouts – 2pac Resurrection, How to get rich selling drugs, Pressure Cookers, Gordon Ramsays Boiling Point, I cant stop masturbating, Comic-Con Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope, Michael Jordan His Airness

If theres any other documentaries you guys recommend shoot them my way. Peace yo!

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