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Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro Review

***WARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! ONLY READ AFTER YOU’VE WATCHED THE MOVIE!*** Let me start off by saying that it’s been a difficult and testing time being a Spider-Man fan. On the comics front Peter Parker was killed off in … Continue reading

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ACE’s top 20 MUST SEE Documentaries

So when my workmate asked me to recommend him some documentaries to watch I barred up cos I get the biggest hard on for documentaries. I used to watch shitloads of them but stopped when I decided I didnt want … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Olympic Superhero Dream Team

Since the Olympics is on and everyone is getting a hard on for the USA Basketball team, Ive decided to come up with my own Superhero Dream Team. This is my starting 5 that I believe covers what’s necessary for … Continue reading

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Documentary: Jiro Dreams of Sushi Review

Bruce Lee. Jordan. 2pac. They all have one thing in common and no it wasnt their love for white chicks. It was Passion. Bruce Lee dedicated his life to learning different styles of fighting from boxing to fencing, all the … Continue reading

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Lets start off with a bit of history. I’ve been following Christopher Nolan’s film career for the past 10 years and have watched him progress as each movie he releases have become bigger and better with budget, characters and the … Continue reading

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5 things to do to prepare for Dark Knight Rises

Ok so this is a quick guide of 5 things you should do to properly prepare for the biggest movie of the year – Dark Knight Rises. 1. Watch Batman Begins & The Dark Knight…and Warrior This one is an … Continue reading

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An Asian’s guide to Scientology

The recent divorce of TomKat got me intrigued and curious about Scientology so I started finding out more about it. So last night I watched a BBC documentary on it, on the train to work I watched the South Park … Continue reading

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Amazing Spider-Man review – for real I actually review it this time (Part 2)

Ok so I woke up and I still could be fucked. So here’s Part 2 where I actually review the movie. So as I mentioned in Part 1, naturally as a Spider-Man fan I had high hopes for this movie … Continue reading

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My (not-so) Amazing Spider-Man review (Part 1)

I havent updated this site for fuck knows how long – actually it was before I was married and just after I got engaged. 2 years ago! It was so long I had to click on “Forgot Password” to retrieve … Continue reading

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Inception review by Jon Bling

“My first special guest reviewer is no other than fellow Dirty Dex member and up and coming movie director – Jon Bling. This review based on his background in Film studies so its a bit more educated than my review. … Continue reading

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