The Ultimate Olympic Superhero Dream Team

Since the Olympics is on and everyone is getting a hard on for the USA Basketball team, Ive decided to come up with my own Superhero Dream Team. This is my starting 5 that I believe covers what’s necessary for a Superhero Dream Team

Leadership: Batman – A master tactician, expert in numerous forms of hand to hand combat and trained under Ras Al Ghul and Lady Shiva. Theres no one better suited to lead the team than the Billionaire orphan himself. He has proven hes capable of leading a team of Superheroes by getting the JLA out of all sorts of intergalactic shit. Not to mention hes nurtured and trained more young boys than a Catholic priest. No one has more contingency plans than Batman. The dude is motherfuckin’ insane! So insane he probably doesn’t even trust his own teammates which makes him the Kobe Bryant of the team.

Bench: Captain America. Cable.

Magic: Doctor Strange – In this day and age you need someone to protect yo ass from magic attacks. Doesnt matter if you hit as hard as the Hulk or you run as fast as the Flash. When magic’s involved you dont know what to expect and for that reason you need someone like Dr Strange on your team. No one knows more about magic than the Master of Mysticism himself. Doesnt hurt that hes a hot looking kient as well… that Richard Gere/George Clooney kinda way.

Bench: Warlock. Zatanna

Strength: Thor – See this one was a tough one. I woulda automatically drafted Hulk but after careful consideration the question came down to reliability…..and security….and sanity. Sure hes the strongest there is but can you really fight alongside someone who you constantly have to watch your back from? The guy has more mood swings than a chick on her rags with no chocolate in the house. He’ll probably smash all the enemies and when you’re going in for a high 5, he’ll probably smash you too. And smash your wife as well just cos he can. Such is the fury of this unpredictable beast. He’s too unreliable. Thats why the Asgardian God of Thunder is perfect as the heavy hitter of the team. Hes almost as strong as Hulk, he can also fly and commands the power of lightning so hes got the trifecta.

Bench: Thing. Colossus

Aerial: Superman – As well as a strong ground game you need to dominate the air as well. Supes is the all rounder of the team. With his power of flight, X-Ray vision and super hearing – he’s an asset when it comes to reconnaissance. His only downfall is he chokes under pressure. Or if hes around Kryptonite

Bench: Green Lantern. Iron Man

Manoeuvrability: Spider-Man – I cant have a Dream Team without my boy Spidey. He’s there to get in and out and for the quick hits. If something needs to be done, hes the guy to get it done. Plus hes smart as well.

Bench: Nightcrawler. Flash

So thats a quick run down of my Ultimate Superhero Dream Team. With a team like that, they cant be beat. Feel free to comment and post your Superhero Dream Team even though it wont come close to my one cos my one is insane. And that my friends is my Unbeatable Ultimate Superhero Dream Team

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