Vanity @ Verandah (Saturdays) – The review

I shouldn’t of had that can of Red Bull on top of that can of Mother on top of that free Michel’s Patisserie coffee. Now I cant sleep. And there’s still another 15 cans of Mother left in my room. Damn you 7-Eleven and your 1 dollar day! I figured since Im up I may as well review tonight’s club. My friend Scottie actually told me to review his club and I told him to fuck off cos aceability is an independent and unbiased website which serves the needs of the community and will not be swayed by corporate endorsements. And so after he gave me a free drink card and flashed me a smile I agreed to write a review. I mean how can you resist that? For anyone who hasn’t met Scottie just picture Channing Tatum from Step Up, Brad Pitt from Troy and Daniel Craig from Bond and he’s nothing like any of them.

Anyway so tonight was a special night at Vanity @ Verandah Bar. Justice Crew – the winners of Australia’s Got Talent were performing and since they have a strong following, I knew it was going to be a busy night and as with most things I was right. I stood in the long line freezing my ass off as database girls hounded me to sign up while guys were on their cell phones trying to call someone that knows someone to get them in. I felt like the biggest loser…….just playin’. I was just trying to picture myself as one of the commoners as I walked past the line and straight into the club cos Im awesome. The thing you should know about me is I hate lining up for anything. I wont even line up for Yum Cha. I carry around a book of raffle tickets and whenever they call a number, I rip it out of my book and hand it over. It also works at charity giveaways but lets not abuse our power now.

The club was pumping and the DJ was warming up the crowd for my favourite DJ who was going to jump behind the dex. After what felt like an eternity he finally got behind the wheels of steel to the thunderous applause and cheers of the crowd. He looked so awesome in his Kikstyo shirt that he paid $90 for in Japan and his red hoodie reppin’ his crew that can be purchased at for the low price of $50 excluding P&H. From the very start he commanded the attention of the room as he seamlessly mixed in party favourites with new hits with every song hitting home. As I stood there, I mean as HE stood there mixing in the songs all I could think about was “I hope I dont fuck up when to press play for the Justice crew.” You’d think that after pressing play for the Jabbawockeez in front of 2000+ people I would’ve overcome my fear by now but I havent. Its like when you were back at school and you were chosen as the person who rang the bell for lunch. You get nervous cos you dont wanna fuck it up. “What if I ring the bell for too long?” “What if the bell doesnt ring at all and no one ever has lunch?” Pressing that one button becomes a real burden. However when the Justice Crew came on, the musical timing was impeccable and the performance was pulled off brilliantly and the team established why they are Australia’s premier dancing crews. Though everyone was amazed by the performance, it was the DJ’s ability to press play that was truly the highlight of the night. People were patting him on the back and I think I even saw him re-enact the moment he pressed play in slow-mo for a fan. A true legend.

The venue was good, the crowd was good and the cloakroom was also good. It was even staffed by DJ Stib – a local celebrity in his rural town of Blacktown and star of the upcoming TV series – “The DJ wants a wife.” Overall it was a good night out whether you’re behind the dex, pretending to be behind the dex or in front of it. It brings back much needed class to clubbing and they even have a media wall you can take a photo in front of so you can feel like a celebrity, even though you lined up for 1hr in the line.

Count it!

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